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Huum Security System now on KickStarter!
Martin Luu | Nov 15, 2014
Come check out & support our campaign

We’ve been working hard on our security systems over the past year. The results are an amazingly simple and versitile system. Huum portable security system is a project we’re proud to present to Kickstarter. Please click the link below and help fund our project. We're prepared to go full force upon successful funding. We've been very excited about getting Huum into your hands.

Refreshingly simple security
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Huum is smart, flexible security that fits in your pocket. This little device keeps track of all your monitoring needs right at your fingertips. Help us bring Huum to life by backing us on our kickstarter.

Alan Majer | Dec 4, 2014
We got Staff pick!!

Thanks all of you for the great support we've received in the first week of our campaign! I wanted to share a couple of quick milestones as well... First, we are happy to announce that Huum was chosen by Kickstarter as one of their Staff Picks! Second, we were profiled by Techvibes this week as one of their recommended crowd funding campaigns too.

It has been terrific to see so many of you sharing Humm on Facebook and twitter. This has really helped, and we are already nearly a quarter of the way to achieving our goal! I'm so happy to be on the first leg of this journey with you all. Lets keep spreading the word, we can't do it without you.

Announcing a new sensor for Huum
Alan Majer | Dec 5, 2014

Since we first launched our kickstarter, we've received several queries and emails about potential new sensors and applications for Huum. Some of these suggestions (like knowing whether your luggage has been opened in your hotel room) are already possible with existing options like the motion sensor. But there are several others that we've put on our wish list that we hope to add as we make progress against our kickstarter goal. We're happy to announce the first addition from that wish list: we are adding a contact sensor (think of it like an open/close sensor) to our list of possible sensor choices for Huum. So how does the contact sensor work? ...typically you will mount it on something that opens and closes, for example on a drawer, cupboard, or doorframe. Here's a photo of what a contact sensor looks like on a doorframe in our work area:


These sensors are great for detecting the status of anything that can be opened or closed. When the two contacts are aligned, it acts like an off switch, letting you know that the door is shut. When the door is opened, it changes the position of the switch letting you know the door is ajar. So you can stick it on just about anything you'd like to track the status of: a window, closet, or even a jewelry chest or medicine cabinet. To make sure that this would work with Huum, this week we first hooked the sensor up to an full size Arduino Uno (a microcontroller that's handy for prototyping). Next we developed a nifty little adapter board that will allow us to test the sensor with the USB arduino that plugs into Huum. Here's a shot of the prototype:


Now the geekier backers among you will know that a contact sensor acts like a fancy on/off button. And you can see from the above photo, we wired it in using terminals that make it easy to connect and disconnect the contact sensor with a screwdriver. What that means is that you can use the same terminals to attach other kinds of buttons and switches to your Huum adapter board. Maybe you want to hook up a big red button that sends a signal every time it gets pushed? Perhaps you'd like to hook it up to a water meter and track each gallon of water as it gets used? Or possibly you could connect it to a pressure sensing mat on your front porch and send a signal every time someone stands on it? Huum's new contact sensor adapter board makes it easy to do all these things and more. How would you like to use the contact sensor? Know anyone else who would find the new sensor useful? Please let us know in the comments.