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Circular Saw
Patron: Hani
Serial N°: 268
In wallet: $0

A Black & Decker 7inch circular saw. It is rated at 9amps and 4900 RPM. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a particularly DANGEROUS cutting tool, please do not request it if you are not experienced with this tool or safety practices. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR VERIFYING THE SAFETY OF THIS TOOL BEFORE YOU USE IT (REMEMBER IT MAY NOT HAVE BEEN LEFT IN A SAFET CONDITION BY THE PREVIOUS USER). So please ensure safety of blade, cord, and tightening of relevant bolts/settings. Ensure depth of blade is appropriate to your material. Safety is key, particularly with a tool like this since accidents can happen in an instant.

An extremely useful power tool. But safety is key, please be careful, and do not operate if you're unsure of how to use this tool or safety practices for it! By requesting/accepting this tool, you agree to hold this community (or original donor/patron of the tool) harmless in the event of any accident, regardless of the cause.

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