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Mixed Toolbox
Mixed Toolbox
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Patron: Chantal
Serial N°: 333
In wallet: $0

This large toolbox contains a variety of great tools. The full list of tools includes: an angle grinder (with wire brush attachment, but missing side handle), 8 drill bits (including larger holes), 3 chisels, 14 screwdrivers (6 robertson, 5 philips, 3 slot), 3 tin snips (left and right cuts), a variety of grinding wheels, a hacksaw, a drywall saw (dull point), a pipe cutter (appears missing a cutting wheel), a rasp/file, a hole tap, a variety of screwdriver bits, a 5/16" Allen Key, a joint/taping knife, chalk line maker, pipe wrench, and many others. For photos of the full set of tools, go to:

A great set of miscellaneous tools for all kinds of cutting, cutting, grinding, attaching, and fixing.

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